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God's Provision is about Him and His work.

God the Father, Jesus Christ and the wonderful Blessed Holy Spirit.


We are here to share the needs and the provision of the body of Christ with you the body of Christ. It takes you to be faithful. We know God will accomplish what He desires here in all things.Do you have some of God's Provision and are unsure where to apply it to the need. We can help you find a need desperate to see the Gloy of God's Provision. Contact us.

The need is great but so is the God that created all of us. There can be no need in the body of Christ that has not been provided for. We love you and praise God for your love. We seek His will in this and ask for his, God's Provision.

Let's join together for the Glory of God, no strings no conditions. let's live in His greatest love by loving each other without condition. This is the love we seek here at Gods Provision and what we hope to represent.

James 1:27 Pure religion and undefiled before God and the Father is this, To visit the fatherless and widows in their affliction, and to keep himself unspotted from the world.


Do you want to know about God?

As a person not holding a certain position or opinion regarding God just remember many people will try to educate you on who their God is or lack of God based on their current philosophical/traditional position. Many theories abound as to his existence or lack of existence. A common theme of these folks is that they want you to adopt their opinion or position regarding who and if and what he is. They will often treat you as if you are stupid for not coming to agreement with the terms of their faith. They will project their fears and traditions on you and require you to conform or be cast out. As many as there are that try to convince you he does exist there are also those will try to convince you he doesn’t exist that he is an opiate for the masses. I am here now to tell you ignore all of these people, all of them. What you require is very simple, it starts with you.

This isn’t something you can answer by playing around with concepts and opinions. If you want opinions then in truth you really have decided that there is no requirement to know. So again it starts with you. Do you really want to know if God exists or not. It is a yes or no proposition don’t even waste your time if you want to play around seeking to feel it out. It’s not about feelings or popular positions.

Additionally, are you willing to put forth the effort to do the homework required to come to an intelligent decision. I mean that will you do your own leg work and study or will you simply accept another man’s opinion. If you aren’t willing to do the leg work but would rather rest in some one else’s work save yourself the effort and time you aren’t really interested in the truth of it, your simply seeking a position to stand in. As I said before there are no shortages of that just look around and pick one that tickles your fancy at the moment. I'm sure you will find one that allows you to be who you are without any requirement of true investigation. The reason I suggest to you that you just don’t waste your time is because this question will take you doing your own investigation. This question is personal; it will require something from you.

Something else is that once you find your answer are you willing to change to agree with what you find? I mean why waste the effort if you’re just going to blow off your answer and stay the same. That’s kind of stupid to me. I know you aren’t stupid right?

You may wonder what my angle is in this. I don’t have one is the answer. I just understand what it takes to get to the truth of it even should you find it disagrees with mine. The reason I do is because I once had to ask the question myself. Kind of a been there done that thing. If I have any agenda at all it is to save you some really stupid stuff. Why bother to ask if you really don’t want to know. Maybe now is a good time to share something about me, my name is John and I have decided to be a Christian meaning I chose freely to follow the teachings and walk of Jesus Christ who I belive is the only begotten son of the living God that I met when I decided to be a seeker. I wasn't born Christian and to say my family had faith would be a lie so I kind of had the luxury of forming my own positions as I moved and explored the subject in my seeking of the answer to the question "is there God and why do I care".I had a tough start click here to get to know me a little better.

There is more to this if your interested. If you do want some more advice and some pointers that could save you some effort in this click here and it will take you to the part of the site that deals with what I call "Seekers".



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