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Greetings in Jesus Christ's Holy name!

On this page you will find work done by our staff and friends that can show you some of what the hearts of our group are.

Unfortunately many of them require proof reading and some correction in spelling and such. They were quick scanned into PDF and Word Format so they could be available and  we are working albeit slowly, to edit these documents and correct the various issues with them. Any assistance would be appreciated contact us at God's Provision Ministries if you are able to assist us in this effort.

The You Tube versions where accomplished are available to listen to.

Do you have something to add? A witness perhaps, or a story. If you do we welcome it and will share it with all who come here. Contact us at God's Provision Ministries.



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On the two links below Some folks have to right click and 'save as' to get files So if it doesnt download on click right click link and choose 'save as'

A Thinking on Paper Text File

A Thinking on Paper Text File PDF File

A Thinking on Paper, Audio companion files


Another source for information is available here on site in our Christian Topics Explored section.


Another source for information is available here on site in our YouTube Channel section.




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