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A discussion of what it means to seek for God in truth and some truths that will help you sort it all out.

The fundamental question is, are you truly a seeker? It makes very little sense to act like one if you not. What a waste of effort. Not a seeker, do yourself a favor and stop pretending. If you’re not a seeker it won’t change the fact that the God of all creation has a place reserved for you at his side. It won’t change the fact He is willing to reach to you before you reach to Him. It doesn’t change the fact He is ready when you are. It doesn’t even matter as I discovered, if you’re  interested in the truth or feel it’s a joke. God's funny like that, He desires you to understand the “what and the why” of it all.

Most of us come to this concept of God with a ton of junk in our heads; perceptions, expectations and preconceived concepts running around our heads, in our finite minds. I won’t kid you. Trying to get your head around the reality of God is something you’re gonna have to walk out and be involved with. The epiphany of his existence is the easy part. The getting your head around the reality of God part is a real treat in exploration. Enjoy the ride. If nothing else at least you will understand what us crazy Christians are talking about sometimes. After all, Christians can be, well . . . complicated. Some of us can be real pieces of work while we get to know God better.

Some of you may feel that religion is poison. You may see it as the very cause of everything that is wrong with what you perceive is the world. I suppose it’s a matter of definitions. What is your definition of religion? You see I’m a Christian and I have a very precise definition of religion, the pure kind anyway and it is written in what we Christians understand is the living reference document about God, the bible. Relax; I don’t need you to buy into that yet if you don’t want to. I’m just telling you what my perspective is as a Christian, so you can begin to see what Christians mean when they use all those words you hear so much of but don’t really understand “what the heck we are on about”.

Anyway, myself as a Christian hold this specific definition of religion, the pure God’s loving variety,  as this; To visit the fatherless and widows in what they are going through and help them and to keep ourselves from getting nasty with the ugly bits of the world by staying close to Him and letting God keep us that way. How many wars has that started? The answer, ZERO.

So, ok you say what about all that fighting and all the denominations and all that junk about what God and what faith and what religion or why do Christians treat me like junk sometimes?

All of those are great questions. We will answer them as we progress but first remember this key; Christianity according to God is a very personal thing between you and Himself. What I believe and what my denomination or chosen faith is, has absolutely nothing to do with your relationship with God, none.

The fact that people have been screwing up God’s pure religion isn't  a new concept and it certainly isn’t limited to “back in the old days” or for that matter the “days to come”. In fact the very reason that we need to have that one on one relationship with God is because of how people screw up his intentions. Some do it on purpose, some because they haven’t understood something, some because it gives them power, some because they are playing with it and really don’t care anyway and finally some just because they can hurt folks.

So if you are truly a seeker here is the tricky bit; it’s on you.

Funny enough, what I’m sharing with you here now is in that document I mentioned earlier. From a Christian perspective; Christians believe that God wants us to work out our relationship and eventual salvation with our God one on one. Each of us is accountable for our relationship with God, you alone are responsible for exactly as much God that you have and can stand.

Now having folks to talk to that share Christianity with you is fine, as the God I worship tells me that I should check out folks that say they share my faith and see if we can learn stuff together. God also says I shouldn’t try to be a loner in this Christian faith. However; the responsibility of my relationship is on me.

So what do I mean by that?

You hopefully have decided you are a seeker by now. If that’s true you are already doing what I am suggesting you should do. You found this document online and are reading it, hearing what another person who calls himself a Christian believes. The next step is the important part, after you hear me discuss or read this on the Christian faith and how I feel about the God I worship and adore, it’s on you to see if what I have chosen to believe agrees with God or not. Remember, sometimes folks get it wrong. Most of the time they can get it wrong without meaning to and it’s your personal relationship that matters not my relationship.

I can tell you that there is a source that you can turn to. A true place to see what the God you seek and the God I speak to you about here, thinks about on every topic imaginable; you think I’m going to say the bible right? Well that’s a great place to start but right now I want to teach you about a special thing you have that can help you get through the sticky bits. It’s called prayer.

Learning early that you can talk with God just as you would your friends that are right here with you is a great way to sort out the nonsense of noise from the true God you seek. At first you may feel that you have already prayed and no one was home or maybe He didn’t answer or you feel stupid talking to something you haven’t decided even exists or not. Not to mention your friends will bust your chops because you’re talking to what they may feel is an imaginary friend. Hopefully, you have friends that already know the one true God and they can help you. If you don’t have any friends that do then you may have to decide if you’re really a seeker, because if you are a seeker you will need to talk to this God you seek even if it makes you unpopular.

Some folks make prayer a very elaborate process. Some feel they need special pieces of clothing or to be in special places or in certain physical positions. I have even met folks who feel they need to eat certain foods before they pray. Well, your mileage may vary as you get to know your God but my personal best prayers have always been me just talking with God in honesty. If we are seeking God, let’s hope this God is big enough to tell when your full of junk or lying, not being honest; otherwise He really isn’t worth following, if you follow what I mean?

Being honest about what your purpose is in this “God thing” and then being honest about your feelings and issues with Him doesn’t bother God one bit. I have been at times in my life, very angry with God; an example was for a time I was angry that He just talked with all the folks in the churches that were already Christians but didn’t say one word to me even when I was trying to figure out what God was. I found out later that I wasn’t really a seeker at the time but just playing with the concept and as it would turn out He had a “baseball bat salvation” waiting for me.

I remember this lack of communication at that time made so angry that one day I hollered at Him until I got tired of yelling and went to sleep, angry. “Stupid God anyway” was my answer to the dilemma. That seems really funny to me now. At the time I wasn’t amused. It seems that God didn’t mind that honesty with Him as He chose to draw me to Him anyway, even after I suggested He was just a benevolent alien.

After I became a Christian, which happened to me in a way I could never deny its occurrence; I learned that being dishonest with God in your conversations with Him is really dumb, like God wouldn’t know I was full of it. So honesty is very important. Be honest with yourself, with other people and with the God you are trying to check out. Once you decide to be honest what you need to do next is easy. Talk to Him. Yes it’s just that simple. When He answers, and God will answer, be honest enough to at least acknowledge God did, even if the answer is not what you wanted to hear.

If you feel like there is “nobody home” when you talk with Him try to checking your honesty. First are you even willing to imagine He may actually answer? If you can’t bring yourself to expect an answer maybe you should bring that up with God too, after all it’s honest and as a Christian I know that God is truth among many other things.

So if the issue is you can’t bring yourself to talk with God freely, ask yourself honestly are you really a seeker or do you just want to act like one for another agenda. In the event it’s a real wannabe situation tell God that too and if you want more, tell God that. If the issue is you can’t bring yourself to believe God is even going to hear you but you are a seeker in honesty, tell God that. If the issue is you can’t hear his answers, you got it – Tell God that.

What do you have to lose? If it’s junk then all you will have lost is a few ounces of air. If you really are a seeker of God then this isn’t a game and you are willing to do things that move you in the direction of God and one of these steps is learning how easy God is to talk to and what that can help you with, as you get to know Him. At some point in your seeking it will become second nature to you and you will remember all the difficulties you had before and grin. Not the “totally crazy need locking up” grin but rather a “man was I stupid” grin.

At first however; you’re just going to have to go out on the limb we Christians call faith and ask away and wait for an answer as you keep seeking. Don’t just ask and then sit down and say “well I asked Him this but no answer, so I’m going to wait here until He does answer me”. Seekers seek even while they are waiting for answers. So again are you a seeker or a poser?

Waiting, standing still for an answer because most of the time we are too silly to hear his answer, is a great excuse to bail on the whole God thing. Seriously, if you want truth your going have to stick it out on faith at some point and see where the cards lay.

I trust God to help you with that and I’m going to speak a blessing (good stuff in Christian talk) on you too, it always helps when you have folks speaking blessings on you and praying for you. So I speak wisdom and answers to you in Jesus name – say “Amen” or “I agree” or "ok" or run away (not say run away but rather run away) – Now in addition to talking with God all the time you have another source of information.

According to my faith God gave us a guide book it’s called the bible. Yes, it’s a collection of books put together by a council after they had – funny enough- prayed to God for guidance as to what specific books and what order they should be in. In fact God says in this collection that He inspired and gave every word so we could learn of Him in the absolute  truth in it.

In most bibles there is what is called the "Old Testament" by Christians that are sourced from the Jewish texts or better stated Hebrew texts. See the Hebrews kept pretty good verbal and written info on their God ever since He showed himself to them. As it turns out Christianity shares the same God. Some call Him God the Father. It’s a cool title for "dude in charge".

Now other philosophies don’t embrace the same God as the Jewish  and Christian folk do, further the Jewish  and Christian folks differ in faith about what the Christians call the New Testament. This is significant but I trust God to work that bit out with you since you are here on a Christian site technically seeking the Christian faith. This really isn’t all that important initially while you are seeking God because the God of the Jewish faith is the Father of the Christian faith. There is going to be plenty of time to argue after you think you have it all figured out unless of course you decide to just love folks like God wants us to do.

Remember, it’s the personal relationship thing you’re after.

Islam for instance isn’t even remotely close to the God of Christianity and Jewish faith despite claiming to be so. So contrary to what some folks say “It isn’t all good”. Stay focused on your basics – Talk to God and listen to his answers.

I have read many other philosophies and positions on the existence/non-existence of God and who He is and what name He has and to be honest none of them really made much sense until I started actually hanging out with God and talking to Him. Once I decided to start to talk with God and spend time with God instantly the whole non-existence camp failed epic and then many of the other documents claiming to know God and the other philosophies that claimed to know God were well, junk. Many things made them junk; some of them decided that god was us. Frankly, if you and I are God tell me, would we work for a living? Seriously. . .? Some of them decided He was basically a hammer that would crush you if you moved wrong. At one point I went with that one and  I reasoned if God was that kind of God I might as well live it up while I could before He crushed me. Well that left me as empty as I was when I first started seeking and I knew that wasn’t the answer, too many hangovers.

Then I embraced that whole benevolent alien thingy – it was easy, I could say He was a good ET and not worry about it anymore. That’s basically what I did. Finally, I just stopped seeking at all. I had been playing with seeking but not serious. I hope you aren’t like I was in that and that you are really seekers. It will make your life a ton easier after a few.

Then I had a unscheduled, God decided it was time, “come to Jesus moment”.  Now for me it was what I needed. For you it could be way different. As it turned out when I was hollering at God before He noticed me and decided to make His answer loud enough that even a person as stubborn as I could hear. Remember your meet God thingy is up to you and God. Remember that I said you have as much of Him as you desire and nothing more. After my “come to Jesus moment” I got introduced to the bible.

I asked God, who I knew was real because we talked a lot; what about this book? He said in essence, check it out. So here was my chance to hold God’s feet to the fire and see if that bible was really from God or just some collection of junk made by man to control the ignorant, fluffy, masses.

I grabbed a legal pad of paper and made a list of every question I ever had about God,  stuff like what is God, how did He make the earth, what was the beginning, did we evolve, how in the heck could two people populate the earth, what do you mean you rose again from the dead? What was all this stuff about Red sea parting and general stuff like that.

See after talking to God I knew He was real. What I needed to be proven to me was if the bible was God’s book or just another nice story. As it turns out, I had to apologize to God about the whole “bible is junk” thing. By the way, I didn’t use the word junk originally - insert your favorite expletive.

Why did I cover all that ground with you just now?

So I could give you a taste of what a seeker does. A seeker doesn’t rest on opinions of men and a seeker doesn’t accept popular foo fah. A seeker makes it personal and invests her or himself into the search. So are you still a seeker?

There is more “click here


PDF of Seekers Document

.mp3 of Seekers document 32.4MB





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