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The Reason this site is here

This whole thing started as a touch by Christ on my heart for the loneliness of the church. Not loneliness of a single church within itself, most churches support their members inside. Denominations have councils and boards to take care of them and keep them together. I mean the loneliness and separation of us, the Christians from one another church to church. Are we samaritans or Christians?

I believe God Commands greater unity among the brothers and sisters who profess their love of Christ.

We are not alone... There are others of like hearts and minds to us; all of us who find a hunger within for the true message of Christ our Lord. Can you not hear the weeping and loneliness of the body of Christ?

If one of our smaller needy churches have want, is it not our responsibility to fill that need. Have we become too used to the methods of worship that we fail to see the tears of the lost?

How say you to this?

If a church has been blessed by the Glory of God; should they hold the blessing to themselves, hoard the Glory or should they pour it forth to the part of Christ's Body that is weak?

We all know as we get down on our knees and stand before Him what his will is in this, the answer is Yes we should without reservation in the will of Jesus' Love care for all of his children!Some who come here are blessed with a provision from God and a heart touched by the knowledge that there is a need, it is our purpose to present those needs so you may find His will.

It is also our purpose to reach out to the lost in truth with the reality of Jesus allowing our God to receive testimony from us to the lost in a way they can understand that he isn’t an imaginary friend but God Almighty and that he cares for them even the air they breathe. No fluff, no fancy words, no fear, no concern that the Holy Spirit is unable to make it real and reach even the lost desperate of the people who are oppressing themselves from the Liberty in Christ.

We have preached and will preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ anywhere anytime. We have testified of Jesus Love in the mosques of Kuwait for God is able, we have testified of Jesus in Open Circles, Wiccan gatherings, Witches Covens, Street Corners, Hospitals, Bars anywhere there is a council of lost that need His word in power and Spirit.

All by Jesus Christ all for His Glory!

It is time brothers and sisters to be free of fear and go forth in power and truth in Jesus and let the dead bury their dead. We have seen Salvations, the dead raised, babies restored to life in Jesus- in the womb, lungs restored, the fertility of men and women restored, cancers defeated, brain tumors overcome, tear ducts restored where there were none, backs once crushed healed in the Fire of God’s touch, devils cast out, demons defeated, Holy Spirit fire clearing entire homes of oppression, fellowships set right, apostles empowered, pastors restored, elders reclaimed, deacons refreshed, entire congregations enlivened, devils cast off properties, calamities undone, cars running on God’s gas where there was no physical fuel , food reproducing by the power of God in the very pots it was served out of,  cupboards that never empty, food banks that feed and feed and never emoty, financial recovery where there was no hope, entire congregations healed as a corporate blessing, animals restored and healed, equipment restored and fixed right before our eyes by God alone, divine protection from storms, ministry helps such as weather restrained, cool winds in the desert where none should be, to tell of all our God has done for us and with us by his power and Glory alone would fill hundreds of these web pages.

All by Jesus Christ all for His Glory!

Isn’t it time.  Isn’t it time you jumped out of the boat and walked on water or cried out to Jesus so he could help you walk on water?

Isn’t it time you cried out to Jesus “Help me in my unbelief?” as the man with the afflicted son did. How long, how long, how long will you and I take to learn to trust God in truth and power?

He is a mighty God and unafraid of the world and its issues. He is unafraid to answer what we need of him or the lost requires to see his glory. God is unafraid and expects us to be as well. Its time to make God and what he has written the reality and let the dead bury their dead. I see your hearts Christians, it is time. Now, today is the day.

Come join us as we testify of our God’s goodness and our God’s power shown among men and the promise of an eternal love and salvation that only he Jesus Christ is able to offer as we renew our minds by God the precious Holy Spirit. Its time, we will be moving regardless who comes, why not come? Share with us your triumphs in God as testimony so all can see his goodness. Let’s open up and see his testimony go forth throughout the land so that even the very rocks cry out Alleluia!

I will stand Lord. I will be still. I will put forth this your word in the hope that all will be moved to action. For those who are, I will sing praise. For those who still will not move, I pray your love touch them and move their heart to your will. To those who reject you I pray mercy for their souls because my God I know you will not be mocked.



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