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We would like to praise Jesus for his help in getting this site squared away. Two sisters in Christ have stepped up to aid our oversights and errors in English, spelling, and grammar. We are blessed by them.

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Hi my name is Lisa, I was asked to write this so the praise can go where it belongs to Jesus Christ, my Lord and Saviour for my healing. I was born 43 years ago not being able to cry tears as my tear ducts were closed so I would have to put up with having a life being able to show my true emotions like everyone else did with fluid going down their faces when they cried.

Yes I felt resentful about this and yes I never dreamed of what could happen today when Jesus is taking the lead in your life. I've only been a Christian a short time and I've been learning so much about the healing side to God as I used to be within healing before I was saved, so this was all new to me. I'd tried everything, even begged the doctor's to do a operation so I would be able to cry but they wouldn't so I gave in to the fact that this would be a dream that would never be answered. I even asked God, well my version to him even though I wasn't a Christian at the time but he heard my cry and waited for the right moment to give me my heart’s desire.

I'd been talking to a friend earlier that day and I said that I would spend some time in prayer for other's who needed a boost. So I got into talking to my Father in heaven and asked his help in this situation then all of a sudden I had fluid coming down my face, it wasn't hot so I couldn't say it was sweat so I checked my face and found that it was coming from my eyes, I was really shocked about this as I'd never experienced anything like it before, I was in a stake of shock and also praise to God as my dream of tears had finally been answered. I was crying tears, real ones that no one could argue against. I've waited so long for this and it's also helped my faith as I know that God is a God that heals and also loves to bless his people. I praise the living God for this as it's confirmed my faith in Jesus and I can only go forwards in praise for him,
Bless his name. Jesus is my Lord.


Praise you God for your answered prayers!






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