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The Mission

To Present the needs of the body of Christ, to the body of Christ. With the knowledge that God has allowed a Divine Provision.

To Proclaim God's call and seek those lost in the world for Jesus at any cost by the Grace of God

To Reach the youth of today by showing them the reality of the Gospel

We will honor the requests and spread the word of need to the body of Christ of any who hold to and teach the Love of Christ Jesus who gave his life for us on the cross that we may be saved. If the group who presents their needs teaches and worships the Love of Jesus Christ and his Salvation and mercy only. We will respond by announcing this need to the brethren and intercessors. It is the Lord Christ and his Grace of Salvation that we rejoice in and will seek to honor as we do this work which is his command to us. It is to you Lord God we offer the Glory of this action.

Do you need to know more of Jesus? Take a look at our "Seekers" link and "Christian Topics Explored" also please contact us at: God's Provision do not delay!


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