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The Hendricks Family
John, Wendy, and all our beloved children

We are loved and truly happy thanks to Gods Blessings

John has been a Christian since 1985. He came to the Lord in a small Church of God in Douglas, Georgia after joking with the Pastor, Brother Cecil Grantham, about wanting a full dose. “I still don't remember what the sermon was about!” He is called by God from 1 Kings 22:14, “And Micaiah said, ‘As the LORD liveth, what the LORD saith unto me, that will I speak.” John is currently in Iraq working with our troops as a civilian.

Wendy has been with God in the church since 1979, and it was her home church in which John was saved. Wendy has a pastoral calling and heart, and has been faithful to her calling. Wendy is currently leading the ministry at home.

John and Wendy are Ordained Ministers of the Gospel by John G. Lake Ministries / International Apostolic Council.

John and Wendy are interested in the lost and the youth of the world. We are about Outreach and Evangelism. We minister locally and internationally through other ministries, and also maintain lively online ministries on PalTalk and others (IRC, YAHOO). John’s chat nickname on PalTalk is Truthspeakerjh in Christianity For Beginners, which is open periodically, and we also wander in other rooms in the PalTalk Christian section.

The Ministry has a YouTube site using the nickname, Jesusfreakjh, where you will find many teachings and videos from our ministry as well as other ministries as God provides.

We have seeded churches and support other ministries by God’s grace and provision. This all being possible only through Jesus Christ who strengthens us. All Glory to God alone in Jesus name ~ AMEN.



Rev 8-7-10. Thanks Sister Nadene.



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